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Claymore Plastics LLP PVC Nylon Polypropylene
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PVC Compound - Stock

Claymore have a wide selection of standard stock grades that we can dispatch to you, next day, if required.

Rigid and flexible extrusion
Rigid and flexible moulding
Bottle compounds
Purging compounds
Universal masterbatch - colour match - no problem!

We offer a call-off facility, so if you have regular work but do not have the storage space to order in bulk we can store and deliver to you as and when required.

We also have a continually changing stock of B-grade items  (these are normally just off shade or marginal downgrades) - call Sean or Mike Slater to check availability.

We now stock the following polymers.

ABS - GP35
Acetal - Formocon
Acrylic - LG
GPPS - Crystal Styrene 124N
HIPS - High Impact Styrene 495N
HDPE mfi 0.3 & 20
LDPE mfi 1  & 20
LLDPE - Exxon Mobile
Nylon 6 & 66 unfilled and filled
Polycarbonate mfi 22 UV Crystal
Polypropylene Co - mfi 1 , 15, 33 and 90
Polypropylene talc and glass filled grades
PVC - Flexible wide range of hardnesses / colours
UPVC - Extrusion and Injection grades
Masterbatches - Black and White from stock - colours can be matched

Give Claymore a call. We can respond rapidly to meet your PVC compound needs whatever they may be.
Tel: 01214 275 755  Mobile: 07801 627235  E Mail info@claymoreplastics.co.uk
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